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Commercial Cleaning Services Miami

Commercial Cleaning Services

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We are a locally owned company catering to those in Miami with our professional cleaning service. We cater to those who wish to receive quality and detailed cleaning services. While there have been many challenges we have faced, we are always finding the solution and keeping our clients satisfied with the results of our cleaning service.

We are experienced in deep cleaning, we have cleaned and sanitized hundreds of businesses in Miami and we won’t stop there. We love helping our clients achieve maximum cleanliness.

About Us

We are a company with one thing on our minds, and that is protecting those from any germs and any harm, this is why we have made sure that our professional cleaning service is provided to those in the commercial sector. Our team is equipped with the perfect tools to ensure that we give our clients precision cleaning and deep cleansing. Our service is available to that restaurant, office and business owners who needs to prepare their offices for Covid-19 cleaning or just regular deep cleaning services.

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    Our Services

    We know that cleaning is one of the tasks that not many want to have done by themselves, this is why there are companies like ours that offers cleaning services. Our professional cleaning services motivate our clients to ensure a clean and safe environment for themselves. With our variety of cleaning services for those in the commercial sector, looking for specialized Covid-19 deep cleaning and other deep cleaning services.

    professional covid 19 deep clean

    Covid-19 Deep Clean

    With Covid-19 around right now, there are many new precautions we are taking to not contract the virus. We have found the perfect solution to preparing your office or restaurant for precaution of the virus. With our quality and professional deep cleaning service, we will ensure that your environment is cleansed and sanitized and prepared for any of your employees and clients.

    professional restaurant cleaning service

    Restaurant Cleaning

    Our restaurant cleaning service is completed by professional cleaners who are experienced in using the products and tools to have your restaurant cleaned perfectly. We pay close attention to detail and guarantee that you will love the results once we are done with your kitchen. Our team will come in and clean your entire restaurant from your kitchen, your appliances and including your bar.

    professional office cleaning service

    Office Cleaning

    Office cleaning is important, many companies have their businesses cleaned daily and others have tight schedules, but we encourage the businesses out there to ensure that your office spaces are always kept clean. Your office space is the second place you spend as much time as you do at your home. This is why it is imperative that you keep this environment clean and this can help promote a productive working environment for you and your team.

    “I am really satisfied with the service that I received from them. I contacted them about preparing our office space for return to work after quarantine. The quote we received was shocking; we haven’t found such an unbeatable price since we started looking for a cleaning company. The completed the job so quickly and got it prepared and cleaned for our team to return to work. Thanks guys, you did an outstanding job. ” – Tracey. T

    professional deeep cleaning service

    “I contacted them as I was looking of quotes on a cleaning service for our office, when I received mine; I knew immediately that I would use their service. A Friend of mine used their service before and they came highly recommended. So we went on over and chose them to deep clean our entire office, bathrooms and kitchen appliances. They really are an all in one deep cleaning service. We are eternally grateful for the amazing cleaning job you had completed. ” Patty. M

    professional bathroom cleaning service

    “Thank you guys for cleaning our food truck, we had them do a Covid-19 cleanse and many I couldn’t be any happier with the results. Not only did they completely comply with social distancing and not putting any of their team members or me in harm, but they let us know that they could clean our appliances too. I am really happy with my service. Thank you for a great job, now I can prepare food in my deep cleaned food truck. Thanks again.” Luis. D

    professional office cleaning service

    Common Areas Cleaning

    Common areas are more commonly used amongst your employees, and this is why it needs to be well kept and maintained. This encourages your employees to leave the environment clean when they see that it is being regularly cleaned and maintained. With our help from our professional cleaners we ensure that your common areas are kept clean and always in a good condition for you and your employees to enjoy them.

    professional common areas cleaning

    Bathroom Cleaning

    Bathroom cleaning, whether in a restaurant, office or a store, the importance of cleanliness is high, our specialized cleaning team loves to clean our clients bathrooms and give our clients a great clean bathroom to utilize without feeling like they are being punished when using the bathrooms. Find out more how we can change the cleanliness of your bathroom today.

    professional bathroom cleaning service

    Deep Cleaning

    Our deep Cleaning service is available for your entire office, restaurant, building and storefront. Our deep cleaning service is subject to a not limited to these rooms as we can deep clean your kitchen, kitchen appliances and even your bathrooms. Each and every building deserves a deep clean, choose us for your deep cleaning services and we won’t disappoint you.

    professional deep cleaning service

    Contact Us Today

    If our services peaked your interest, and you are looking to reach out to us, do so by calling us. You can contact us using our main service number listed on our website. Our team on the other line will happily assist you and answer any of the questions you may have. Your concerns are important to us and this is why we are always willing to help and answer where we can. If you cannot contact us during business hours, you can fill out one of our contact forms and we will gladly assist you the moment we open for business.