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Office Cleaning

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Maintaining a healthy and clean office space is a big responsibility, but it is important to do this. In order to keep up this cleanliness, you need to ensure that it is done on a regular basis to prevent the buildup of any dirt, germs, or dust. It is important to keep track of your office environment and keep it in a good and clean working space for you and your employees. Do not neglect your office space and its cleanliness, as this can determine the productivity in your office, especially during Covid-19. Our specialized office cleaning techniques have aided many businesses in becoming health and safety conscious, and we encourage this type of attitude change to clean environments.

Lobby Cleaning

Your lobby is exposed to all your employees and including you, if you are accepting clients to come to your office, your clients will be exposed to your lobby too. Your lobby is important, as it is the first room you walk into when you enter your office. Your lobby needs to remain clean and smelling good, this means it needs to regularly be cleaned and cared for just like your bathrooms. We want our clients to make use of the fact that we have effective services at an unbeatable rate.

Escalator and Lift Cleaning

We will sanitize and cleanse your escalators and lifts, these machines, while they may be helpful they are always frequently used. These machines need to regularly be cleaned and disinfected from any germs due to the high amount of people touching them and coming into account with these machines in your office or building. These tools need to constantly be cleaned and high health and safety precautions need to be taken for these two machines.

Store Room Cleaning

We will clean and disinfect your storeroom, your storeroom usually has a buildup of dust and this can affect the working environment. You want to keep your environment dust-free and free from any dirt. We will clean and sanitize in preparation for your storeroom to be cleaned and sorted. We encourage having an organized and clean environment where your employees would access. This helps for an easy and effective task to be completed.

Hallway Cleaning

We will clean your hallway in your office or building, your hallway is a part of your office and needs to be cleaned and disinfected as much as any other room in your office. Your office requires strict cleaning and regular cleaning. You do not always need to deep clean, but regularly you do require a deep clean. In the event that you have cleaned your hallway and someone in your office tests positive for Covid-19, we do encourage having your office cleansed and sanitized again to prevent any chance of the germ spreading through vents and dust particles.

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